Your growing business just got lighter

Thanks to the power of cloud bookkeeping

I dare you to return to the boring old way
once you click

Free Rain is currently onboarding new clients in central Virginia in anticipation of our global launch

We are a new type of firm that uses proven techniques. We keep your accounting data in the safest, most accessible format. You are probably accustomed to receiving boring financial statements that satisfy tax requirements, but tell you little about your business.

Our reporting makes your business make more sense to you. Your options become more clear. You have more confidence in your decisions. The best way to describe Free Rain is that your accounting problems either turn into fun strategy games or simply melt away into the cloud.

Perhaps you are taking the next step in zero-entry automation. Or maybe you need someone to crush out some back taxes. Call us today at 804.404.2870 to see how we can save you time and frustration while unlocking new insight.

5 features of our bookkeeping package:

  1. Monthly detailed statements of Income, expenses, and financial position
  2. Unlimited support regarding business and accounting issues at no additional charge
  3. Monthly/Quarterly preparation of all federal and state tax compliance forms
  4. Pick-up and delivery of all forms or self-service via our secure web portal for your convenience
  5. Year-round tax planning ideas and strategies
All for one low monthly investment
photo by Kenji Yamamura